Friday, June 8, 2018

Manga Teacup Cherry Blossom release!

Manga Teacup Cherry Blossom!

What happens when Edit-Station 1, Surf Panda, Heyzoos, and Senor Commodore Rice Ball create their own manga about a kitten who lives in a teacup? Read Manga Teacup Cherry Blossom and find out!

This was an experimental project I drew in the evenings while testing some new software and it breaks from the rest of the CGR Universe in its own special way. This is a short read, and a budget-priced book and Kindle release. Makes a fun short read and packs good laughs!

From time to time I like to put out short books like this and play around with my art and writing, give it a show why not? Let me know what you think; I love the character of Senor Commodore Rice Ball. Manga Teacup Cherry Blossom!

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