Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Retro Noir - Coming July 2018

Prepare yourself for my next book, Retro Noir, which I plan to release in July 2018 on Retro Noir looks at video game hardware in a new and interesting way, unlike anything that you have ever seen before. When artistic photography and smart-ass sarcastic writing collide, you get one of my books! Enjoy.

The first Retro Noir is all about video game controllers! Joysticks! Paddles! Fight sticks! If it controls video games, it is fair game, and I photographed a LOT of controllers for this book. Experience the art of video game controller design through the ages as I showcase these plastic peripherals with a massive gallery of unique black and white photographs. Each accessory is described and reviewed in my unique way.

Retro Noir is a big book, clocking in at well over 300 pages. If you like video game controllers and the art of industrial design you'll love this. Coming in July! Follow me on all my social media fronts to be alerted to the release date :)


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